Small Business Program Management

We provide full-service Small Business Program Management to prime government contractors. 

  • Reduce procurement costs
  • Streamline your bid process
  • Increase successful contractor performance
  • Automate your small business program management

Our Vetting Process

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Performance Assessment Rating System (PARS)

PARS is our proprietary performance rating tool that helps us predict the success of small businesses and subcontractors BEFORE you contract with them.

We use PARS to quantify the performance of potential small enterprises, subcontractors, freelancers, and other teaming partners.  

The tool uses a weighted scoring system to rate a company's past performance, its current performance, and use those as factors to predict future performance.  

The PARS Score is to government contractors and agencies what the credit score is to lenders.

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How PARS Scoring Works

PARS scores small businesses in three core areas:  

1. Technical capability - How well companies do what they do  

2. Teaming suitability - The value they offer  

3. Government suitability - How well equipped they are for government contracts  

Each business analyzed and rated with PARS gets an Overall Performance rating, but you don't just get that one important number. PARS also generates a series of scores in more than a dozen different categories that primes, agencies, and organizations can analyze to determine which companies would make good teaming partners and which are best-suited for subcontracting work.  

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How We Use PARS for Matchmaking

There's no shortage of good companies out there. But you want the best companies for your project. There's a difference.

PARS helps us identify top-rated, top-performaning small businesses that are best-suited to perform on your contract. 

PARS helps us match women-owned, minority-owned, veteran-owned small businesses to the right projects. 

Small Business Program Management

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Full-Service Small Business Program Management

We offer a full suite of Small Business Program Management services to prime contractors who would rather outsource the day-to-day oversight of their Small Business Participation Programs.

Keep your internal team on top of new developments with our comprehensive reporting system that tells you our findings, recommendations, and courses of action. We help you stay productive and compliant without exhausting your resources.

Bring in our seasoned team of contracting experts to help you automate this portion of your business. 

Recruiting small businesses to perform government contractors

Recruiting Small Business to Perform Government Contracts

Small businesses that meet our assessment criteria and that rate favorably with PARS are entered into the Teaming Exchange Network (TEN).  

TEN is our standalone web-based marketplace. A company's PARS scores are transferred into TEN and we use the platform to match small businesses with existing projects. 

If we do not find companies that we believe are well-suited to perform your contract, we begin recruiting efforts using the team members we have in different cities around the country to publicize the opportunity and attract potential qualified small business partners.

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Contract Negotiations and Management

The Contracts and Grants team will handle the subcontractor agreements. We negotiate new contracts and manage existing contracts.  

We oversee subcontractor performance to ensure the company delivers according to the contract, within budget and on time. 

We generate detailed reports for your team so you always know what's going on with your Small Business Participation Program, but you no longer have to allocate resources to manage the program internally. 

This saves you time, money and other valuable resources and allows you to focus on growing your business in stead of managing your contractors. 

Who We Are

We have teams nationwide

For more than 20 years, Linda Chatmon and the Contracts and Grants, LLC team have offered procurement, staff augmentation, and business development services to organizations.  

We are federal acquisitions experts, and have secured more than $12.2 billion in contracts and grants negotiations and awards.

We offer Small Business Program Management services to prime contractors who would rather outsource the day-to-day oversight of their Small Business Participation Programs. 

We have nationwide teams that can fully manage your small MBE /DBE requirements. Or, if you prefer, our team can come in and supplement your internal efforts. 

Our areas of expertise

  • Proposal Support
  • Identifying and vetting qualified businesses 
  • Procurement / acquisition 
  • Bid process 
  • Negotiating teaming agreements 
  • Contract administration 
  • Contract management 
  • Subcontractor agreements 
  • Subcontract management, including flow-down clauses
  • Performance reviews 
  • Ensuring compliance with local ordinances

A full suite of services to manage your Small Business Participaton Program

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Performance Assessment Rating System - PARS
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